While Macedonia was the first large territorial state in Europe with a consolidated administrative, political and military apparatus, the Achaeans (Greeks) were not a unified and uniform nation but a handful of city-states constantly warring with one another. The Trojan War in Homer's "Iliad" excluded Macedonia for her non-Achaean character, but involved Achaean cities only, which did not comprise a Greek nation until 1829 (2500 years later). The Macedonians (tall and fair) were in Europe long before the beginning of time itself, and were referred to by the Achaeans (short and dark) as "Endopi", which means "Old Settlers", inferring that etymologically Macedonia was a name born by the Macedonians for the Macedonians before the Achaeans had even arrived in Europe. Thucydides, whose writings are regarded as the mark of the beginning of all true history labels Macedonia a barbaric country and the Macedons as barbarians. Even Demosthenes, an Athenian orator and statesman was the leader of the Anti-Macedonian Party that waged war several times against Alexander the Great. Regarded nowadays as one of the most important Greek historians, he went so far as to call Phillip of Macedon "a barbarian without a decent origin, who is not an Achaean (Greek) or any relation but a cursed wretched from Macedonia, where one cannot even buy a decent slave". Nowadays, Greek scholars are only too happy to expropriate all the glory of Macedonian history, especially the campaigns of Alexander the great. All this despite Aristotle's banishment from Athens for his Macedonian origin, a fever that persecuted all Macedonian philosophers after Alexander's death. Modern day Greece seems to have forgotten the surge of nationalism in the 3rd Century B.C. led by the Achaean Anti-Macedonian Alliance, once again certifying her distinctiveness from Macedonia by submitting to Rome. After Macedonia falls under the Roman yoke she becomes a Roman Province distinct from the Achaean cities.

During the Byzantine Era, when the Romaioi (Greeks as they were referred to then) held the monopoly of Eastern culture, the Macedonian and all other nations were subdued to massive denationalisation and assimilation, a process that entails the denial of the most fundamental human rights, generally national and cultural. In laymans' terms, no person may; speak his own language(not even privately), worship his own religion, preserve his own traditions, learn the truth of history; but must absorb the Romaioi identity or face the consequences (capital punishment). To a Westerner this may seem absurd, but is not unusual when an Athenian Government has territorial aspirations towards her neighbours. As you are reading this, these policies are incessantly continuing in Northern Greece. Athens is striving to extend these policies beyond her borders by abusing her right of veto in the E.C. Committee to deny the recognition of the Republic of Macedonia. The tentacles of these policies have even reached western countries, causing high-profile politicians to side with the massive Greek community in the hope of gaining popularity and votes.

Yet the Romaioi (Byzantine Greeks) indulged in renaming towns, villages and people with Romaioi names, destroying all Macedonian writings that simply the existance of a seperate Macedonia as a nation dissimilar from Romaioi. Only they forgot to destroy their own Romaioi (Greek) texts that solidly prove our authenticity, such as the writings of Arrian, Plutarch, Callisthenes etc. as well as Latin texts and archaeological findings. To further complicate the situation, Serbia and Bulgaria also laid claim on Macedonia in the 19th Century, and Albania in the 20th Century. How can one nation possibly belong to four?? Whilst conducting her propaganda, it is amazing how the Athenian Government (Greece since 1829) avoids mentioning the issue of the Balkan Wars in 1912. when the above-mentioned four countries invaded Macedonia and divided her amongst themselves with the borders of today.

It's the same inability to compromise that will not allow Athens to recognise the independence of the Republic of Macedonia, since the recently renamed Province of Macedonia (formerly northern Greece) holds the same name. It's stunning how the Athenian Government, whose people were formerly called Achaeans, then Romaioi, then Hellenes, then Greeks, is now trying to convince them that they are Macedonians!! Can they make up their own mind on their own identity??

The facts are clear and simple. Macedonia is not Greek, and a good deal of the well-educated Greek community realize this. Unfortunately, alongside them there exists a hyperactive, brainwashed sect that believe anything their Government (Athens) wants them to believe. most of them are not to blame, since they have been taught since childhood that the "Skopian's" (that is how they prefer to call us) are trying to steal their country by claiming to be Macedonians.


"Phillip II, Alexander the Greatand Aristotle were Macedonians."

"Cyril and Methodie were Macedonians."

"The Macedonians are not Slavic."

"The Macedonians are not Greek."[/b]

Dedicated to the untold numbers of Macedonians who perpetuate their glorious Macedonians heritage.